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28 October 2017

Hi! I'm back again (as promised) with a part 2 of my Girlfriend Collective review - this time focusing on their bras! In brief, if you haven't read the first review and/or don't know of the brand, Girlfriend Collective is Seattle-based and manufacture activewear including bras, leggings (reviewed in part 1) and (a newly introduced line) t-shirts in their Vietnamese SA8000 certified factory. I won't be reiterating the production process or their social/environmental codes, so visit my previous post if you want to be clued in on that. Now lets jump straight into the review:

What did I order?

Customer Service

If it was possible to give them two stars for service I would! After contacting the support team to inquire about what could be done to resolve the issues with my order (explained under the Quality heading below), they were very kind and replied quickly (as in a day later) with an offer to send me a replacement free of charge! I was especially pleased because shipping to Australia from America is so darn expensive (hence why I had ordered two items to qualify for free postage), and they told me that I didn't have to send back the damaged item at all.


So, as before (and seeing as the leggings came in the same package) the packaging was beautiful and thoughtful, particularly the garment bag included with their logo embroidered on it, and (as previous) rather fast in arriving. However in the replacement which was sent to me, although everything was in perfect condition and arrived unmarked and unscathed, one side of the package (the long side) was opened. It was still sticky on both flaps, however it seemed as if it had not been properly sealed, as the garment bag was poking out of that side (not as if someone had opened it, but just as though it wasn't stuck before sending). Because of this, I can only give a half star for the shipping, as the items were not fully protected.


In the interests of being completely open and honest in this review, I must say that I was disappointed this time around with the product quality. Although it was sent in the same package as my leggings (and as discussed above, entirely sealed and not exposed to the elements), the first bra was marked with small mildew spots in a few areas, however as with the leggings the seams were well constructed and showed no signs of weakening.

Yep, you guessed it, they get a big green tick of approval from me! Check out my first review (linked above) for more information.


Well I guess I can't complain as I essentially received two bras for the price of one! On a more serious note, it was unfortunate that I had to deal with the problem in the first place but I am glad that it was resolved quickly, I just hope that I can wash out the stains from the first bra. That way I get twice the wear, and thus twice the value. I'd estimate the CPW of the bra to be similar to my leggings (about $2.00) - though probably a little less seeing as I can wear the stained bra under my workout gear and the other as a crop.

Hope you enjoyed my review and stay tuned for more!

Annika xx

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